Akillieka (meaning 'The Intelligent One' in Sanskrit/Turkish) is team comprising experts in fourth generation technologies viz. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and Facial Recognition.   We help you to identify technologies that will suit your business model and help  you function efficiently, grow, and be competitive. We serve clients in almost all the fields, from retail, finance, human resource, IT, sales, strategy, supply chain, to product and R & D by helping them solve various problems using advance technologies.

Business Solutions with the Right AI Technology:

Our AI Team offers end to end AI implementation services to increase efficiency & productivity of business. Our services include consultancy, and building an application based on clients’ need. If client has an idea, we can also help to build a product.   Our Facial Recognition Technology offers advance security solutions to monitor homes, institutions, offices, workshops, hospitals, financial institutions, etc. We serve new clients to install these technologies in their business as well as offer upgradation solutions to replace outdated solutions and applications.  Though it’s been just about a year that we decided to form Akillieka, our individual expertise has paid off and garnered reviews we are very proud of. We are happy that in such a short span of time we’ve managed to draw interest of some solid self- made companies due to our innovative approach.